Fitness Tips: Apr 16, 2013

Change, even positive change, is not easy. It's obvious that you are committed and willing to work hard for your success.
Healthy Lifestyle Tip: Why Food Cravings?
Chocolate. Salt. Sugar. Cravings can sometimes call your name. Try these tips when it's tough to say "no."
Watch the Clock
Don't go more than five hours without eating something. If it's time for a snack, choose food low in calories and fat.
Eat Protein
Every meal should include some source of lean protein, such as skinless chicken or turkey, fish, eggs, or low-fat cheese. Foods containing protein help you stay full.

Wash Away Food Cravings
Dehydration can cause some people to crave salty foods. A glass of refreshing water can also help you feel full. In fact, what you think are food cravings may actually be thirst.
Find a Distraction
Find an activity that will take your mind off your craving without adding calories. Call a friend, go window shopping, make a virtual visit to your favorite stores online, tune into a game, listen to music, read or workout.
Brush Up
Floss your teeth and rinse your mouth with a little mouth wash. Once your mouth is feeling clean and fresh, you won't want to spoil it with salty chips or sugary candy.
Spring into Action
Instead of heading for the freezer, head for the front door and go for a walk around the block. The fresh air and exercise will calm you down and clear your head.
'Refine' Your Palate
Eliminate refined foods from your diet. The more you eat, the more you want. Replace them with whole grains and fiber – eat more nuts, beans, legumes, fruits, vegetables, and whole-wheat foods.